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Wumbo's favorite Campaigns of awesomeness
Collection by: A Phonograph
All of my favorite campaigns. I hope you will all enjoy them! If a Campaign that you like and is not here comment and tell me the map name. ***NONE OF THESE ARE MINE CREDIT GOES TO WHO EVER MADE THE MAPS***
Arc Kill Squad
Collection by: whydoyouwork
My fellow co workers.. Subscribe to this list so we're on the same page.
Pleasant Maps
Collection by: aHungryNegr0
Just a selection of plesant campaigns I enjoy
Map and Campains
Collection by: Lochenhofenberg
left 4 dead 2
Collection by: soul丶will
Custom campaigns and maps
Collection by: Sogeking
Planet of the Collection Revolution
Collection by: Comander555666
My favourites for L4D2 ps: Stefan
Random Mods Collection
Collection by: jm3107
Collection with all the random stuff you need
Campaigns for Co-op with Friends
Collection by: Gaveroid
This is a collection of campaigns for me and my friends to play in co-op. Just subscribe, so whenever you play L4D2 with me we all have the same campaigns! Send me a Steam message if any of you guys want me to add more. (NOTE: Anybody who pleases can d...
weapon collection
Collection by: chadawadawad
for my friends
Halloween Zombie Time
Collection by: Roboskull
pew pew skdoosh
Избранные кампании | Featured campaigns
Collection by: K14M
-=[dMw]=- L4D2 LAN Collection
Collection by: faust82
This is a set of campaigns that will be featured at the next dMw lan event
Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map Collection
Collection by: not changing name till KF2 :)
gabe newell for world leader
Mods for super aswesome fun time
Collection by: Fusr
Some mods that i think make the game cooler
THE Collection
Collection by: ArchAngelN09
Its THEEEEEE Collection...
Collection by: Bankai
DEDR campaign pack
Collection by: Nagash
Campaigns for play with the dedr community.
Einlanders Playground
Collection by: einlander0
Maps on my server.
Tsukari's Collection
Collection by: クド | Tsukari Strugatskaya
L4D2 T2 pack
Collection by: [ ⊹]Captain Kompost
The ones I use
Macco's Superb Collection
Collection by: Baten
Leeroy's collection
Collection by: Leeroy's Legacy
A few mods that I liked online :)
Collection by: R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
Stuff that im using (L4D2)
Collection by: Chinster The Trickster
parrapoopers L4D2 mod collection
Collection by: Forrix
mods used by me and friends for L4D2
Stuff....and things
Collection by: Count Chocula
nice dewd
Collection by: Mel Gibson
my addons
Collection by: Eyeless Jack
my addons
sick MÄPS
Collection by: Peeedie
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