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SpykeXD's Favorite Maps/Campaigns
Collection by Spyke
Here are all the maps and campaigns I have installed.
Paulisdead18's Campaign Map Pack
Collection by Paulisdead18
This is just a collection of the custom campaigns i've installed so my friend's can play them too.
Mods for a friend
Collection by Condeo
What the title says. None of the mods are mine, credit to the people that made them, etc. etc.
mapz fo niggers
Collection by dewritos r gud
Collection by DOCTOR KARMA
Devil Spawn L4D2 Map Pack
Collection by BetterDeadThanRed
Collection of Maps not made by me
Collection by DD.Daiter
[DDSJP] Server Addons Collection
justin's stuff
Collection by seahawk the MONSTER HUNTER
only mods or maps i like will go in this collection.
ManiacJack's Left 4 dead Addon Pack
Collection by GenericMerrick
Have this... I guess.
Left 4 Dead 2 Awesome Collection
Collection by Unstable Sloth
Server rotation
Collection by Warren
For my fellow gamers who like both like guns,killing floor,and more guns
Collection by Cyco_Fusion
Alll the best mods :D
xCal's L4D Approved
Collection by Cal
Collection by [GFG]LemmingMan
Collection of addons on [GFG]BananaSplat L4D2 Server
Campaigns! For friends!
Collection by Vector
Lots of campaigns to enjoy with friends!
Collection by theflamme99 [Qc]
Collection pour les joueurs de Hermelin!
zero's l4d2 mod collection
Collection by [DPS] Candyman
this is just some mods i put together to make my game (or yours) to have a nice Awsome gameplay hope you enjoy these mods i have
Add-ons yissss
Collection by endlesssssssss
Various HDR skins, maps, weapons, etc
l4d2 thingie
Collection by Snake people, or Sneople
L4D2 Maps
Collection by Mindrape[GER] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Maps I play on L4D2
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by The RusBus
Stuff I found for Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Wynter Payne
loopy doopy collection
Collection by .L
A collection for me and friends to play stuff on/with.. so frag off peeps
My Good Campaigns
Collection by SP4RT4N029
Schneiders Beste
Collection by Shey
Beste Maps vom Vergaser.
Things and stuff
Collection by Tobio 3630
Just a bunch of mods I've got that make the game more reaslistic in my opinion. Some of them are actually just things that I like, and a lot of them are custom campaigns. No conflicts though, so go ahead and subscribe to everything if you want. (It says t...
Lay Them To Waste
Collection by Castiel
This should get you started...
Collection by onenewnail
Ну вот.
fun pack
Collection by The Cryptograph
stuff that work's together i like
Dead World
Collection by Wombat without Glasses
Realistic weapons and zombie.
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