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The Space Jockeys Saga
Collection by flapjax
From the beginning to the end, follow the survivors through the dead of space and defeat the end of all time! From Mob Stadium 2012 to Last Baktun, The Space Jockeys Saga will have the survivors transverse the terrestrial, astral, and surreal through an i...
Map Pack (Campaigns & Survivals) by Penta
Collection by Penta
Huge pack of maps for l4d2 :)
L4D2 Custom Maps League (LCML)
Collection by ƅsɗ*Ðŕ.Ğڼ††ɀ.ɋƈ
You can find here some maps we are going to use in the L4D2 Custom Maps League group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LCML I create this group to play with friends on maps "custom" in Versus,Rvs,Metapub,extreme coop in 4 to 16 player versus 8 to 16 s...
Collection by dead pixels
Gemi 레포데2 맵, 패치
Collection by GEMI
-애드온 목록- Team Health Counter (HUD에 팀체력 표시) Starbucks Coffee (Pills) (알약을 스타벅스로 ㅋㅋ) -맵목록- 우주맵 Space Jockeys The Return of the Jockeys 유적맵 Wormwood Mob Stadium 2012 서바이벌맵 -...
Sean's L4D2 Map List
Collection by Disaster
NOTE: TURN OFF ALL OTHER ADDONS EXCEPT THE ONE BEING PLAYED TO AVOID CONFLICTS UNIQUE SURVIVAL: ◘ Helm's Deep Reborn (Evolving) ◘ Tanks Playground (Campaign + Evolving) ◘ Tank Challenge (Only Campaign) ◘ Tank Fever 5 (Only Campaign) ◘ Fa...
L4D2 - Maps (Campaign, VS, Survival & Scavenge)
Collection by m30w
Large maps are linked as collections at the bottom. More Maps coming as soon as more maps are added to workshop. Maps should also include: Arena of the Dead 2 v.5.0 (8.3 /10) http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=3571 Haunted Forest v.1.3 (9....
L4D2 hbg
Collection by ei☁
loft fo dadz
Collection by Chromarict
Left4Dead 2 mods for me and my friends.
Space Jockeys
Collection by PandaPlaysAlot
Good Stuff for a Good Game
Collection by Mmarksp
A collection of my personal taste. I'll add things that I have enjoyed and that I like. I check if they work and I hope people will try out these maps and mods, that I have given my recommendation! Note that these things don't necessarily work together...
spintu please
Collection by pazer
fisher6s - CAMPAIGNS collection
Collection by fisher6s
llista de pantalles!
Brentashun's Shit
Collection by Zone-tan
Drunkie's L4D2 Mod Pack
Collection by Kaze735
Just a random mod pack I will use with friends on my local server I host.
That's So Infected
Collection by Bump
Some more things I put together for a future Left 4 Dead 2 server. You know the deal, update, favorite, play. -That's So Descriptive
Wumbo's favorite Campaigns of awesomeness
Collection by A Phonograph
All of my favorite campaigns. I hope you will all enjoy them! If a Campaign that you like and is not here comment and tell me the map name. ***NONE OF THESE ARE MINE CREDIT GOES TO WHO EVER MADE THE MAPS***
Calem's Collection
Collection by Calem ♥
L4D2 Mods
Collection by Hey Boss ... HAMBURGER PREASE!
My shit
Tsukari's Collection
Collection by クド | Tsukari Strugatskaya
Alien Trilogy: Ultimate Alien Collection
Collection by Silver Knight
This is a compilation of the very best Alien mods to give you the true alien experience.
방울의 애드온 모음집
Collection by 방울
방울과 같이 레포데 캠페인을 플레이 하기 위해서 필요한 애드온들의 모음집 입니다.
L4D2 Crazy Pack
Collection by puNDuKE
Crazy, strange, and unusual things you will find in L4D2
Collection by [CGO] p0rtalGeek ™
Collection by SSU Dale :D
SERZA de los Muertos
Collection by Sharkopath
A collection for all of your zombie hunting needs.
Subbed Items
Collection by ThatOneVinzkii
Collection by Bling Clinton
Mods I use for my local server
X-R | L4D2 - Xenomorphs
Collection by -=( Axis )=-
The X-Raiders Network ------------------------------- L4D2 Xenomorph gameplay pack
Dark Hoofs mod pack. (mods not made by me)
Collection by Reginald Halifrax, MeeM Inc CEO
just a mod pack
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