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Left 4 Borderlands 2
Collection by: BaseKillerWolf
Several Mods that change your Left 4 Dead 2 experience to reflect that of the action-RPG shooter known as Borderlands 2.
Left4Dead 2
Collection by: ミloke彡
Left 4 Borderlands
Collection by: Dr. Baconbits
Want to remake Borderlands for your Left 4 Dead 2 game? Then look no further! Here you can find many mods to turn your dream into a reality!
Left 4 Dead 2 - The best collection of mods
Collection by: |Fioh| BiOS
☠ Left 4 Dead 2 — компьютерная игра, кооперативный шутер от первого лица с элементами survival horror. В данной коллекции представлены разнообразные ...
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: Deeters
I dont expect anyone to click this, this for muh frends
survivor and infect skins
Collection by: komando
survivor and infect skins
Collection by: Magnus
L4D2 Mods
DW24/7 Survival Saturday - Borderlands 2
Collection by: Maycne Sonahoz
This collection regroups the Workshop items used during the DW24/7 Survival Saturday event on 2014/10/25. http://digitalwarfare247.com/calendar/event/245-survival-saturday-left-4-dead-2/
Mods cool et sympas
Collection by: corbolero
Quelques mods sympas
My Little Pony meets Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: (UF) (BRONY) The Nightmare King
This collection is a collection of all of the My Little Pony addons i subscribed to plus some extra addons i use in L4D2
The Awesome Collection
This collection will bring the most awesome things into 1 collection. This will include skins, canpiagns, guns, CI replacement, SI (specail infected) replacement, and so much more. If you are looking for a collection that only have awesome stuff in it we...
Collection by: Ebola-Chan The Card Farmer!
A pack of L4D2 stuff
Holy Crap Gaming
Collection by: peachy keen
Убойный Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Fin
Mah Mods
Collection by: [TRI] pog7776
A Collection so my friends can use the same mods as me... may have to disable conflicting mods to have same experience...
CursedCodeCollection L4D
Collection by: CursedCode D|Δ|C
my collection
An Alcoholic Canadian's Favorite L4D2 Workshop Items.
Collection by: DRUNK_CANADIAN
A small collection of custom content from the steam workshop for L4D2 that anyone can enjoy. (Pending alcohol of course)
Collection by: inv1s1bleki11er
Caricters Ive Loaded
Collection by: captainediv
its been hard to find some of the charicters so i disited to put all the ones ive loaded
Left for Dead 2
Collection by: Juno Eclipse
A few things I found in the workshop for Left for Dead that I thought were cool.
My Mods
Collection by: MachineHead
Its my mods, its my life (que indian guy singing)
Arc Kill Squad
Collection by: whydoyouwork
My fellow co workers.. Subscribe to this list so we're on the same page.
Custom Character Collection
Collection by: Rose
I will find custom character/packs on here and put them in one pack for everyone to enjoy. Also including reskins and zombie reskins etc...no weapons reskins only NPC and Character reskins.
La Collection BrB
Collection by: Rackbal/LFT
La collection de Mods L4D 2 de la team BrB.
Download dis shit yo.
Collection by: Dom
For personal use only.
Collection by: Senticous
Collection by: Dres_12
(Nicely Things! Hope i)
my favorite addons
Collection by: dashy8494
this is asortment of addons from their respected owners this is to make it easy for my friends to get what they need to play with me
Raptor. Weapon. Theme. Aliens.
Collection by: Diploew
Aliens, Raptors, and cool theme music
L4D2 Crazy Pack
Collection by: puNDuKE
Crazy, strange, and unusual things you will find in L4D2
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