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Containing item: "Benny Hill Witch and Tank"
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Fantastic L4D2 (by Rorschach)
Collection by: Rorschach
Набор модов для L4D2
Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map Collection
Collection by: Balr0g
gabe newell for world leader
McLean's Maniacal Madcap Mod Mayhem!
Collection by: mclean.ben
You may have missed many mods. Moreover, maybe you've misspent multiple minutes minutely monitoring Workshop's massive mall of mind-boggling masterpieces, only to muse that you were manipulated into meandering through mounds of mediocre manure for milleni...
Collection by: Ouile
Just for my freind
Collection by: Tango
You won't like it, its not for you, move along
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: PickyConnor
L4D2 Mod Collection
Collection by: NinjaChamp
-stay puft tank skin -benny hill theme replaces tank and witch music
My Subscribed Mods
Collection by: Top Cat
My subscribed mods
Big ol pile of workshop mods
Collection by: hertz18360
This should mimic the email sent. Should have several new maps, new weapon mods, and a few misc files; incl the Benny Hill sound mod for Witch & Tank.
Collection by: RoperSeiler
Just a collection of Mods we use for our recording.
Maximum funtime collection
Collection by: branbeggr
for teh maximum lols.
Spicy's L4D2 Collection (FYI You'll hate it)
Collection by: Spicy Internets
Collection by: [TAT] Chrillen
Owl's collection
Collection by: Mr Owl
Teh Emerald's collection
Collection by: Teh Emerald
Keiltreibers Choice
Collection by: Keiltreiber
Skins, Sounds and fun some skins cause conflict choose one in game
L4D2 Subtle Funny Sounds
Collection by: tomdude
There's a subtle way that these sounds make the game funny for me. Not in the way that they're invasive or everywhere in the game, but in a way that sneaks in when you're in the heat of battle or recovering from one.
Collection by: The Watchful
Mods for L4D2.
Christ Dugan
Collection by: Sheer Amity
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