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Ultimate-apocayplse without the bs
Collection by ThatOpKraken
YOU HATE SPECIALS WELL THIS GETS THOSE FAGS OUT EXECEPT THE WITCHES AND TANKS but they aint hard cause u got the moves like jagger with this collection the way to enjoy a zombie game with a bit of realism in it.
Danifers Mod Pack :)
Collection by Crowpie
A collection of mods found on steam workshop like what else :l
Minimac2265's ESSENTIALS! (All time favorites)
Collection by hawaiisnocone (Granola Inc)
A collection of mods that I just can't play without!
Luke's Collection
Collection by Zaubermaus
Collection of the mods I use.
James' Favorite Workshop Items
Collection by James The Fox
The ones I find amusing.
Mods used in my server
Collection by Kernel ROM
Awesome mods
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Sinedd
Collection by ☆TosimiehenPeKoNi☆
Best Realism Vanilla
Collection by cpt_ricard
Random collection of realism-inspired mods. Mostly so i don't forget which ones they are
Arc Kill Squad
Collection by whydoyouwork
My fellow co workers.. Subscribe to this list so we're on the same page.
La Collection BrB
Collection by Rackbal
La collection de Mods L4D 2 de la team BrB.
My Current Realism Mods
Collection by Calamari
My custom collection of items.
Collection by This Cat Tho
A pack for my friends, welcome to come use it as well.
Mi coleccion de Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by xcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxc
Esta coleccion la hice para que mis amigos pudieran ver que articulos tengo en el workshop. NINGUNO DE ESTOS ARTICULOS SON MIOS , SOLO SON LOS QUE YO USO.
Die Ultra Collection
Collection by [MM]Dropkick
Nur für die Besten
Collection by DJ4everkill[DK]
it's only for my friend but you can use it too :p
That's So Infected
Collection by Bump
Some more things I put together for a future Left 4 Dead 2 server. You know the deal, update, favorite, play. -That's So Descriptive
Collection by Murphy
L4D2 collection
Bradly's L4D2 collection
Collection by Bar4911
Collection of mods for a nice change in your regular l4d2
For You Connor
Collection by Gallahadnt
For my friend
Much stuff
Collection by Fridge Ghost
Makka Pakka my ass
Collection by anthony sulivan
Collection by Paul
Collection by Snagglepuss
Collection by JRG007GUY
Collection by sanduneboy
JazzHandz's Collection of fun
Collection by JazzHandz
The mods i have installed that you should too to have a fun time.
Коллекция Цитрусового Сергала
Collection by Grou The Sergal
wot m8
Collection by Henry the Green Engine
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