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Nazi Zombies
Collection by MechaSoldier
This collection is for WaW/Black Ops Zombies fans
Stable Core
Collection by Adam T
My base core of painstakingly filtered mods for increased realism and fun. Icon by Dalves54: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dalves54. Background by Dreamz: http://steamcommunity.com//id/634634634663463/.
Yamson L4D2 Modpack
Collection by [12e] Jameson
noise amelioration addons
Collection by Dead Morose
it's too loud!
Dracrius L4D2 Modes & Realizm
Collection by Dracrius
Addons with HD textures to make for a more realistic world as well as a few game mode I really enjoy.
Total Left 4 Dead 2 Overhaul
Collection by darthbdaman
A collection of fully compatible HUD mods, Visual mods, and Weapon Mods. Reskins every single weapon in Left 4 Dead 2, to improve visual quality. Replaces a large number of the ingame textures to alternate versions to improve visual fidelity. Adds ...
Collection by Epicroyal
Collection by Tis' but a scratch!
personal thingy, use if u want but i made this so i can redownload later
100% Aliens
Collection by Gezuecht
100% Aliens + better Graphic + Metal!
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