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Mods for super aswesome fun time
Collection by Fusr
Some mods that i think make the game cooler
Collection by Alfalock
THE Collection
Collection by ArchAngelN09
Its THEEEEEE Collection...
Crispy Maps
Collection by ReelGenius
Crispy server maps
Greg's Mods Yeah
Collection by YetiRussian
Good Mods
Einlanders Playground
Collection by einlander0
Maps on my server.
Collection by Baller Mehndi
a few great maps
Collection by Slende Boy ✪
Taz's zambie stuff
Collection by [SE]Taz00™
Multiplayer Mods
Collection by Dan Chorley
Multiplayer mods to make L4D even better
Left 4 Doge 2
Collection by Dank Sausage
L4D2 add ons that we use
My Flubbing Collection
Collection by Gaben II
I'm a white male so all in all im successful unlike the other color.
L4D2 T2 pack
Collection by [ ⊹]Captain Kompost
The ones I use
L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by Mr Schultz
Silly things
Collection by Nil Cipher
darf's stuff
Collection by S.G.C.T.C Darfmada the 8Bit DJ
Collection by Imreadytoball
all the mods i have installed
Payday 2 L4D2
Collection by Fenrir Unbound
My l4d2 Collection 2
Collection by Uncle Tommy
my mods
My Subscribed Add-Ons
Collection by werepancake
A list of the add-ons I use to enhance my L4D2 experience that I wanted to share with friends. The list is mostly HD enhancements, some weapon skins, and a few maps. I take no credit for any of these add-ons.
Macco's Superb Collection
Collection by Baten
Leeroy's collection
Collection by Leeroy's Legacy
A few mods that I liked online :)
Collection by dannyboy85
everthing l4d2
Pillownuts' Stuf
Collection by Pillownuts
Here it is shamus030.
Lycaon's L4D2 history
Collection by Lycaon™
Mods that i use.
Collection by Whitewithrice
My L4D2 Mods
Collection by dogmatic
Yamson L4D2 Modpack
Collection by [12e] Jameson
My L4D2 Essential Mods
Collection by SquattingSlav
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by The Pinball Thief
My go-to mods. I enjoy this pack because it's a fun mixture of cool guns, interested SI mods, and designed to be more about stuff I found generally awesome vs any particular theme.There is only one mod that I use in this pack outside of what's listed on s...
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