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Good Stuff for a Good Game
Collection by: Mmarksp
A collection of my personal taste. I'll add things that I have enjoyed and that I like. I check if they work and I hope people will try out these maps and mods, that I have given my recommendation! Note that these things don't necessarily work together...
The Collection of My Bests
Collection by: YILDIRIM_HAN
Those are my all favorite Workshop products.I hope you will enjoy with them ^^
Collection by: Ki11erC
The top maps and mods all in one easy place.
Isaac get these
Collection by: JoeisPyro
Skype L4D2
Collection by: iN008 | Unicornius's Pimp
For people I play L4D2 with.
The Ultimate Package
Collection by: jslizard
For Random Gaming Dayz
Holy Crap Gaming
Collection by: peachy keen
Collection by: rckivol
Collection by: ¸.•*StiflerCosmin¸.•*´
Left 4 Dead 2: LOTR Edition
Collection by: Deafoice
Left 4 Dead 2: Lord Of The Rings Edition. A colection that will change mainly all zombie's look, turning them into Uruk Hai. The tank changes into a LOTR Troll, the jockey changes it's sounds for Golum's sounds, and many other changes! I hope you enjo...
max h
Collection by: TheGamersite123
Xok's L4D2 Favourites
Collection by: Xok.
Collection of addons that I like or interest me. -------------Other good maps found at L4Dmaps:-------------- Escape From Nowhere Let's Build A Rocket Let's Build 2 Core Let's Build: Deconstruction NOTE: I do not own and I did not create the col...
Collection by: Mystique
For my friends
mods from karn
Collection by: HarmlessBrownGuy
karn mods
L4D2 MODS :D V2.0
Collection by: L33H4X0RZ
javas collection
Collection by: Kitty
is nice
An Alcoholic Canadian's Favorite L4D2 Workshop Items.
Collection by: DRUNK_CANADIAN
A small collection of custom content from the steam workshop for L4D2 that anyone can enjoy. (Pending alcohol of course)
Georg/ Benny/ Gabriel
Collection by: Akiba
A Consolidation of Practical Mods and Reskins for Refined Gentlemen (Left 4 Dead 2)
Collection by: Not Cthulhu
Coolest and most form-fitting stuff I've found in the Left 4 Dead 2 workshop, all compiled for your convenience. Most items here conform to Left 4 Dead 2's current style (I.E. reskins make sense / are practical for their characters, weapons, special in...
Silly LFD2 Mods
Collection by: Felix
This is maily for wikmeister, but if you want to see my mods, here you go
Collection by: Tetrama
For Jabenji. And anyone else who randomly stumbles upon this hardly-worth-mentioning collection. Yes.
Collection by: The Gunslinger
Scree Collection
Collection by: Scree [FR]
what you need to have
uber and friend pack
Collection by: Parliament Bandit
shit for you guys
What am I doing with my life?
Collection by: HitmanRob1
I don't even...
Xyfrus' Mod Collection
Collection by: Xyfrus
All my modz for the boiz
Collection by: Voltron
shit fragile uses
Collection by: Fragilewtf
Collection by: Uηdєr Killєя
O que eu gosto.
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection W/ Ehren
Collection by: lubricated bagel bites
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