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Containing item: "-Helms Deep- Reborn"
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Xok's L4D2 Favourites
Collection by: Xok
Collection of addons that I like or interest me. NOTE: I do not own and I did not create the collection pictures.
My Favorite Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that i thought were cool and wanted to share them with others in one convienient collection credits go to their respective owners
Critico Negativo
Collection by: un nickname più carino
Collezione privata di gioco per il gruppo di Critico Negativo
Left For Dead Realism Pack
Collection by: [0GS] Yarr
A more realistic L4D2.
Collection by: Stianthegeneral
Jstrikes pack of doom
Collection by: Jstrike900
NonDD collection!
Collection by: Stulto
No es necesario, usad vuestro cerebro y no seáis oligoneuronales.
Collection by: King Andronikos
Mine, my own, my precious.
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Seigo (勝利)
My L4D2 Mods
Collection by: David Smithren
One-Click: Top Rated Map collection
Collection by: descender
Almost all of the top rated maps (and map collections) in the workshop.
Left for Dead 2 FCP
Collection by: soldeviljr
Left for Dead 2 [Friends Collection Pack]
The Bro Pack
Collection by: TeamMushroom
Mods for Bro's
P.N.I.S.-Clan verbindliche Mapliste
Collection by: Juergen
Die verbindliche Maprotation des P.N.I.S.-Clans. Die gilt besonders für Paddy, dem Betrüger.
Collection by: JooJ
Collection by: Fridge Ghost
ginger VS zombie
Collection by: ginger VS pie
Blood bath time
l4d2 funny addons
Collection by: Nutty_Typhoon
L4D2 MODS :D V1.5
Collection by: -Mr DingleBerry-
l4d2 stuff
Collection by: San FranChrisco
Left 4 Dead 2: LOTR Edition
Collection by: [RCN] Deafoice
Left 4 Dead 2: Lord Of The Rings Edition. A colection that will change mainly all zombie's looking, trunin them into Mordor's or Isengard's troops.
Sroag's Collection
Collection by: Sroag
Me and my friends randomly trying a shit ton of mods, lol.
Rocking_Star101's Private Campaign Collection
Collection by: Rocking_Star101
This is a private collection of Campaigns & Maps I have Subscribed to for use by my Friends. ALL the Campaigns & Maps in this Collection are work of their respective Authors.
Collection by: Wiggles
L4D2 Requirements
Collection by: gunman000
javas collection
Collection by: I1944RPGI Kitty
is nice
An Alcoholic Canadian's Favorite L4D2 Workshop Items.
Collection by: DRUNK_CANADIAN
A small collection of custom content from the steam workshop for L4D2 that anyone can enjoy. (Pending alcohol of course)
Die Ultra Collection
Collection by: [MM]Dropkick
Nur für die Besten
Collection by: rodthedemon
L4D m0dz4Pr0z
Collection by: Dududu Batman!
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