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Only a Dipshit Would Buy This
Collection by: The REAL Stalin
l4d2 mods
Collection by: leohn785
Ansesqui's Stuff
Collection by: Larry
"When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth".
L4D2 Uniduo
Collection by: [Uniduo] Jack Benny
Just some stuff to make playing with friends easier if they don't have the right mods.
Collection by: Tubes
My stuff
Bluesroo Maps for Friends
Collection by: Bluesroo
A collection of maps for friends to make getting ready easier.
Jwangsauce-Flinnsickle-JunAaaaahn, immersion crap
Collection by: SillyGoose2064
Heylo, this is mai immersion collection for my friends(that i dont have).....so here u guys go
Collection by: WinkieTime
Maps and Campaigns
Collection by: Ekztul
My personal collection of additional maps and campaigns.
This is for my friends.
Collection by: Danky Doodler
This is a list of items for my friends to download. Disclaimer: Note i did not create or own these item. Please do not claim i am plagiarizing for the love of pickles forth defranco.
Collection by: FEMA Camp Counselor
A collection of mods made by others for easy downloading.
Collection by: Kleze
Davidthemerc's Preferred L4D2 Collection
Collection by: Davidthemerc
The list of addons, etc that I use when playing Left 4 Dead 2. Recommended to all my friends.
L4D - M,M&F pack
Collection by: WhiteShadow
Collection by: [DK] Budtz
Collection by: WhiteShadow
Collection by: Parara12
Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Maps
Collection by: JohnDaniels
Meine L4D2 Maps
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