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DEM_Gamings favs
Collection by: Echomaker
Just a list of mods that us at DEM_Gaming use for a mostly fully modded L4D while still being recognizable as L4D(aka no fully replacing the characters, or things that don't fit into the world)
Waht i use
Collection by: bdubsrocks
Just the mods i use. There are more than 1 zombies mods so watch out. i use the teletubbies, mincraft mobs, and the shreck tank mod when i play. They dont mess with eachother so its ok.
left 4 deaz
Collection by: [UNAA]Eren Jaeger
For You Connor
Collection by: Gallahadnt
For my friend
Much stuff
Collection by: Fridge Ghost
Makka Pakka my ass
Left 4 Dead 2 Raven's mod list
Collection by: Raven's Endsville
Conjunto de mods para amigos.
Ultimate-apocayplse without the bs
Collection by: ThatOpKraken
YOU HATE SPECIALS WELL THIS GETS THOSE FAGS OUT EXECEPT THE WITCHES AND TANKS but they aint hard cause u got the moves like jagger with this collection the way to enjoy a zombie game with a bit of realism in it.
some randome shit
Collection by: KillamanShank1
All of my favourite maps
Collection by: VagueRidge
... Says it in the title
Mods guy these are mia mods
Collection by: [ff0000]EVIL DR.VON TACOS
These are my mods for my friends (dont own any srry)
Addons de Ferruzza el que se come la merluza
Collection by: xXx_P4T4T4$W4G_xXx
LFD2 Modpack
Collection by: #swiggityswoogity
LFD2 Mods
Collection by: Divine Darkness {A}
Collection by: Jardius
Collection by: martijn-v
Zach's Collection
Collection by: Zach Scelus
Da bess
L4D2 in the eyes of Pokermonik
Collection by: Pokermonik
Lolo Pindolo
Collection by: EloVIOP
TS Buttsecks
Collection by: Nippelwulf
Collection by: Count Chocula
Rico's Mods
Collection by: rico
Jeff's L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by: Jeff
The best L4D2 workshop mods around!
My Map Collection
Collection by: Lord_Blackthorn
Collection by: Ebola Communism
Silly L4D2 Mods
Collection by: pootrak
Collection by: Jobo The Hobo
Dead4Left Indie
Collection by: Indieblade
Voor de Kèrels uit Hèrol
Mods that Make Left 4 Dead 2 Better
Collection by: EmpressAeris
Just a bunch of random addons I use for my Steam games. Yes their genius and yes, there's a German Shepherd in the picture because German Shepherds are amazing!
Collection by: JooJ
Hacks L4D2 Kollektion
Collection by: Hackntot
Für mehr geballer in L4D2
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