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Mini-Map Enhancements
Collection by Piotr Bot
This collection is for all mods that enhance/change the ingame minimap. Detailed Map Type A --------------------------- Adds detailes to minimaps, like obstacles, blocked passages and zones were players will die. The minimaps in 'Type A' are colore...
Mik NS2 - All
Collection by Mikplayeur
Subtle Mini Mods
Collection by PraiseTheWind
This is a collection of very small, subtle mods, which greatly enhance my gameplay experience nontheless. They should all work on normal (i.e. unmodded) servers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. All hail to the original authors!
Mik NS2 - HUD Elements & Effects
Collection by Mikplayeur
My Cool Collection Of Mods For Natural Selection 2
Collection by KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for natural selection 2 that i tought were cool and wanted to share with others in one convienient collection. Credits go to their respective owners.
dottel NS3 stuffz
Collection by .L
Collection by 2fG|kokken
Collection by Sky
Visual cosmetic mods for the better atmosphere and ofc some for gameplay. Removed from collection with 237: -FlashLite -Gunslinger Aliens Infestation
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