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The Boston Butcher
Collection by Brainsample
Boston Butcher, looking for someone to go on long secluded walks in the woods with. Dislikes include teenagers and camp counselors. Likes lakes, homicide, and Fridays. This set includes the: Murderer's Machete Boston Bandy Mask
Halloweenie 2012 Spooktacular Wishlist
Collection by BLINK
Contains Halloween themed TF2 workshop weapons (hopefully with new unique stats) and cosmetic items that I would love to see Valve include in a Scream Fortress update. Think of this list as my personal "Best Of Collection" for Halloween Workshop items....
Things That Should Be in TF2
Collection by endgamer186
All the Things That Should be in Team Fortress 2! (My Opinion) I Didn't make these.
Kollektion's name
Collection by Pix LP
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by The Bagman
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
College Bound
Collection by rgherrera
swat tf2 mega knaller
Collection by XDnyzero
sie ist super cool
Collection by ShiroChii
Spooky Nightmare's Halloween
Collection by Jason Hawk
This is my favorite workshop items this halloween
Collection by Vault Boy
TF2 Fun Items
Collection by AM I Elliottlander
ummm..... They are cool and crazy items which in my opinion are fun to wear/use
Collection by French Horizon
My Favorite Scout Workshops
Matt's Collection
Collection by Balz are flying
It's a collection
TF 2 Scout
Collection by granrichie30
Collection by ThatOneFangirl
TeamFortress 2
Collection by ShadowTheHedgehog759
Things from steam workshop.
Team Fortress
Collection by TheLightDiamond
My Favorite Scoot Items
Collection by To' Hen'
cool user makes shit collection
Collection by Little Man
Amazing stuff
Collection by Diarmait McKillian
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