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The No Mans Land Wanderer
Collection by: Ducksink
Things That Should Be in TF2
Collection by: endgamer186
All the Things That Should be in Team Fortress 2! (My Opinion) I Didn't make these.
World War Teufort!
Collection by: BONUS AUKS!
My personal selection of some of the Steam Workshop's finest WW1, WW2, and Cold War-era items and sets. You can have it in any color, as long as it's olive drab.
Collection by: D A N N Y
Great ideas for items and configs that can go well together. I normally go with the pyro on defense. Even though he is made for offense, he goes well both ways and is very practical.
Meta's Collection of Pyro Gear.
Collection by: | Metaru
Nothing Fancy, stuff i'd particulary want to see in game for the class i play the most.
epic times
Collection by: I love BUMPER Cars... so crunchy
this collection is the best for you because it has a wild vairaty of weapons for TF2 and there might be a new collection in 2013.
Pyro items
Collection by: Kinetic
These item pack it only for the pyro so yeah c: NO OTHER CONTENT WANTED Execpt for Pyro content which will often be used in my game :D
TF2 Ion Industries Corporation Colection
Collection by: Flynn
TF Modings colections by Wizzergod;Flynn or Dreeder
TF2 Items Awesome
Collection by: YahooYann #out for week
My Personal Favorite Items id love to see added to the game
Team Fortress 2 Workshop Weapons that should be accepted.
Collection by: Stem
The very best weapons! Put them in the game Valve!
All Stuff The Stuff I Think That Should Be Added To TF2
Collection by: Bobby
All Stuff I Like And That Should Be Added TF2
1128's Collection
Collection by: Srv
This is my list of liked creations from the community. I found all of these design ideas to be impressive, creative, and worth buying. If Steam were to accept these items, I will sure as heck would buy them.
Collection by: all_in_baros
in this collection there are the best/cool weapons of TF2 in steam workshop
Tf2 diseins
Collection by: ブラックウルフ(ドイ (
schönne eidung und waffen gehören nunmall zu tf2 also
Stuff I need
Collection by: Spectre
rexxysexxy's collection
Collection by: rexxysexxy
my collection will be cool cuz it is gona have top rated weapons misc and other
Takers Tomb
Collection by: The Undertaker
Everything I need to make you die faster.
Collection by: Fudge ;_; Predator
my collection will give a wide variety of awesome weapon technology and packed with all sorts of head gear for all!!
Collection by: Anti/Kreativ/
ma kolecke je super
filios collection
Collection by: opplacek
my collection (Polska!!)
Collection by: Link4241
Collection by: Captain Mr. Nuclear
Collection by: Chukaro
cosas de Team Fortres 2
Collection by: ^8๖^4Dog^0Scout
ghosts collection is awsome
Armas perimalucas pyroland
Collection by: MATADOR tf2
AO USAR VISTA A PYROLANDIA.São armas mais perigosas,mais maulcas,e mais fatais.
cool stuff i found
Collection by: Swaggistare
cool stuff i found
Collection by: Mr. Cash
Fajne rzeczy do TF2
stuff i like
Collection by: Dr. Murmur
First Collection
Collection by: lrebodos
Why should I describe it? Let it describe itself.
Collection by: Portals™ *Steelseries™
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