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Night of the Living Update 2
Collection by: [Viet] Clover
Welcome to the unoffical collection for Night of the Living Update 2! Here you'll find all of the workshop pages for (most) the items that were in NotLU 2. Offical Thread: Start here: http://halloween.t...
The Scorching Spook
Collection by: Sexy Robot
A collection of the halloween based item set for Pyro, "The Scorching Spook".
Night of the Living
Collection by: Yoko
It has the Night of the Living Update items. All credit goes to the creater of these epic items.
Browy's halloween 2012 bundle
Collection by: Browy @Sicklad#Newmouse
Hi, im browy, and i am NOT the guy that makes things for TF2, but i am the person that puts it all together in bundles and collections. :D Browy's collection, has the best halloween 2012 items considered for use in TF2! Recomended FOR YOU -> ...
Halloweenie 2012 Spooktacular Wishlist
Collection by: BLINK
Contains Halloween themed TF2 workshop weapons (hopefully with new unique stats) and cosmetic items that I would love to see Valve include in a Scream Fortress update. Think of this list as my personal "Best Of Collection" for Halloween Workshop items....
Things That Should Be in TF2
Collection by: endgamer186
All the Things That Should be in Team Fortress 2! (My Opinion) I Didn't make these.
Halloween 2013
Collection by: Floyd
A collection of items for Night of the Living 3/Halloween 2013. Of course more will be added!
Collection by: D A N N Y
Great ideas for items and configs that can go well together. I normally go with the pyro on defense. Even though he is made for offense, he goes well both ways and is very practical.
Collection by: Rob
TF2 Items Awesome
Collection by: YahooYann
My Personal Favorite Items id love to see added to the game
TF2 Ion Industries Corporation Colection
Collection by: Flynn
TF Modings colections by Wizzergod;Flynn or Dreeder
Team Fortress 2 Workshop Weapons that should be accepted.
Collection by: Topical Humor
The very best weapons! Put them in the game Valve!
My Collections
Collection by: Dr. Sawbones
Just some Collections i loved should be in the Games~
1128's Collection
Collection by: Srv
This is my list of liked creations from the community. I found all of these design ideas to be impressive, creative, and worth buying. If Steam were to accept these items, I will sure as heck would buy them.
Collection by: iDangerous
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Light Yagami
TF2 stuff.
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by: DarkEmoShadowBollocks
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
Collection by: AiderPL
le grandi ARMI
Collection by: AleeeeH #DEA#
Spooky Nightmare's Halloween
Collection by: Jason Hawk
This is my favorite workshop items this halloween
raven's collection
Collection by: Xx BOOMREKTSHOT360SWAGM8 xX
tf2 mods
Collection by: italy veneziano
Collection by: ikky6786
The Mafia
Collection by: Le Perfectionniste
The family's fierte.
Collection by: Jacob Guy
its just a bunch of stuff
Team Fortress 2 stuff
Collection by: Brenisme
Team fortress stuff like snipers etc.
Collection by: (UA)EpicLoot
Takers Tomb
Collection by: The Undertaker
Everything I need to make you die faster.
Pack de mods TF2
Collection by: victorguiducci7
Collection by: ####prosto_tapok*****
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