Team Fortress 2
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Containing item: "Crusader's Flaregun"
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Epic Collection of Epic Items (Pyro)
Collection by: Miker the Epic
Epic Items that should be in the game (my opinion if you agree or disagree say so!)
Collection by: ™♥Wicked♥™ *Idle*
Collection by: Big Ol' Bowl of Fruit
LA collezione
Collection by: DonaBros.
scegliete quel che volete!
Stuff I Think Is Cool
Collection by: Gotta Go Fast
Teh TF2 Collection
Collection by: Heat Miser
hai dis is mie collection yohu duhm duhm
austin's items
Collection by: tajbryant
you have a new item :D
BehavingAxis's Collection
Collection by: Sebastian
This is where i will collect great and cool weapons
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