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Containing item: "The Blood Agent"
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The Powerful Will Fall
Collection by ☣Contagious Smiles☣
The gods roar thunder nature defies any acusations but this pack wil make anyone feel alive and well by enjoying the beautiful scenery of blood, death, guns, guns, AND MORE GUNS. What else do you need. SCREW the Deities/Godesses/Gods. WE BELIVE SCIENCE a...
TF2 Weapons
Collection by Tuber
This is going to be my first collection.
Kannon Kollections (TF2)
Collection by Zable
Kannon Kollections is a collection of workshop items i have found that i think fit into the lore and universe of the game in question, or in the valve universe in general. I will be adding to these collections as time goes on, Suggestions and criticisms w...
tf2 awesomeness
Collection by 「Sad. IDK」
awesome stuff
Funny ,Lovely , I want it !
Collection by K1NY
My Favorites
Collection by PermaT4RD
All my favorite items.
The Good Stuff
Collection by ♌Troop98♌
What I Think Should Be Added In
test objet
Collection by LǘcКγ کŦriк
derpy sout
Collection by Gaming Foxy, Robin Hood SF
derp souat go joke
Comunity Made Favories
Collection by Earthwake Runelord
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