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Containing item: "Pick-Pocket's Pocket Pistol"
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The Public Enemy Pack
Collection by [m00] Elbagast
Hey now would ya look at this, it's a whole town of hat lovers! They've got enough hats to make a hat fort! But that ain't gonna help them cos I have something better, yes, BETTER THAN HATS, which is GUNS. See guns kill people - let's see you do that with...
Steam Pack
Collection by cppro10
The best weapons on steam are put in this great collection of sucessful creations.
Pyromania Update
Collection by The Lord of the Groose
All of the great items added to the game in the Pyromania Update.
Silas's items
Collection by xxSWORDMANxx95
Collection by killershout dams
Collection by Drinky Crow
Collection by darkside10218
wepeons for scout and other things too
Collection by Noob Saibot #NIPmagic
Scout collection
Collection by tmwertz
RANDOM stuff
colecsion :)
Collection by xtacodesuaderox
Things n Stuff
Collection by Prof. Arty
Stuff to wear n stuff
Collection by SoulZippey
Collection by =GFBU=IN DI@BLO=
Collection by DxD
Collection by Bloxxerguy57
Collection by Pyrotechnics™
A legitimate collection for me
The Biggest Update Ever!
Collection by Dimbus
Workshop items from
Team Fortress 2
Collection by aaraujo2014.
Um... I got nothing. I just wanna kill people.
sixty realm
Collection by Mr.Sixty(AkaBob)
awesome and out of this world
Collection by hendrio_doidao
Team Fortress
Collection by parpa
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