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Containing item: "Pine Needler (Christmas Item)"
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Collection of Favorite Christmas Submissions (TF2)
Collection by: greenpeppers100
Christmas is coming and u can ready up with all of this STUFF!!!!
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: PEPEWED
sky vomit
Collection by: coupedeville59
these are stuff i want in the game
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by: Snowy <3
The OverReacted 9000
Collection by: Mr. Sir
Beyond The Labs Of The Medic,This Weapon He Invented Will Hold A Speciel Power
Collection by: joshandkary
Winter stuff
Valve needs to add these weapons!
Collection by: The Spammer of Reply
If Valve improves the new import tool and makes weapons compatible, these are the ones that should be added!
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