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Containing item: "Ninja Mask"
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East VS West Bundle!
Collection by: Psyke
This big ol' pack delivers the best of both worlds From the brave gun slingin' cowboys of the west, to the fierce and cunning shoguns of the east! With a fine selection of items to pick from the only real question that remains is.. what side do you p...
Spy and Sniper Collection
Collection by: Asian Santa Claus™
Spy and Sniper items Valve should consider making (and they should).
Winter Related Cosmetics
Collection by: ✪ starkƪng098
In this collection you should be able to find most things that would pass for a snowy theme
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: PEPEWED
Collection by: инспектор кот
супер колекция
The Seven Demorai/Soldierai/Whateverai
Collection by: Reduxist (I don't have sound)
Mainly, I'm looking around for wandering Japanese/Chinese gear for others and my self to enjoy. If there are any feudal-era pieces for other classes, please, reccommend them to me!
Collection by: Nippon ku ku
My collection
Collection by: Twilight Sparkle*stawberrys*
this is stuff i like.
stuff that valve HAS to make an item into
Collection by: Smithy The Blacksmith
these items i believe should be made into real items wearable/usable in tf2
Collection by: bf4life4
awsome stuff
TF2 Junk
Collection by: JellyBabies4
All the junk i get to make my player look unique
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