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The Pillager's Pass Pack
Collection by: HellJumper
This is a collection of 4 models I made for the community medieval update. It features a bow/arrow, a guardesque helmet, a mysterious team-colored potion, and a simple but sleek hatchet.
Medieval timez
Collection by: FranckyFoXmas2468
I think that medieval mode is a really fun but underrated game mode, and this is a collection of few items that could work with it
Another Damn Collection
Collection by: [4-CG]Highsman13
It is a collection.
Snipers classic Beef
Collection by: CM Punk
Allerlei und keinerlei sachen für den Sniper
Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
Collection by: Garada0211™
The workshop can be found of the best things together in one place!
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by: Spank Daddy
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
TF 2 stuff
Collection by: Ranger
team fortress 2
Collection by: Dalibor
suff from the work shop
wasabis crap
Collection by: wasabiyoyo
cool stuff
the Hunter
Collection by: Dr. Iridium
it has items that are made for hunting and all that.
Collection by: <.SyntaX.> | PHP <3
tf 2 add ons
Collection by: zombinator001
Team Fortress 2 Sniper
Collection by: Doublez27
Collection by:
Collection by: DLK013
my personal favorite snipers pack
Head Power
Collection by: Scoper
Ideaful TF2 Sniper weapons by different authors what should be added in-game
Collection by: Tetsu Yatogi
All the TF2 primary, secondary and melee Sniper class weapons which are well graded and pretty effective against one of more specific classes. These weapons on this list are also solutional against other situations what normally a Sniper cannot avoid or s...
locura locura
Collection by: Your Pussy Gonna Get Wet
Collection by: smasher153
Nolan's Stash
Collection by: detellemo
Comunity Made Favories
Collection by: Earthwake Ducklord
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