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Containing item: "the Tanto Tickler"
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Spy Ninja Assassin
Collection by: ☠ ReznorsRage ☠
Introducing The Spy's Ninja Assassin Pack. After many years of training in the Art of ninjitsu, the Spy's sensi gifted him a set of handcrafted tools, weapons and apparel as a way of saying "You have out grown my teachings, please don't kill me". Items i...
wasabis crap
Collection by: spooky wasabiyoyo
cool stuff
The Spy´s New Things
Collection by: Compaq 5
Cool weapons, hats and More. The Spy´s new pack of Weapons and suits etc. !
Collection by: MitjelBowie
yolo ya knaw
Collection by: Megaman
Collection by: kubaron24
Collection by: Redfox717
carsons collection
Collection by: The L4G M4st3R
The Seven Demorai/Soldierai/Whateverai
Collection by: Reduxist (I don't have sound)
Mainly, I'm looking around for wandering Japanese/Chinese gear for others and my self to enjoy. If there are any feudal-era pieces for other classes, please, reccommend them to me!
the high tech ice ninjas collection
Collection by: =KS=Catninjatheglaceon
this is a collection based around ice and ninjas (stealth, etc.) if you have any weapons that would fit this catagory, or you have any feedback, be shure to comment
jhonnyohh's Favorite Spy Items
Collection by: jhonnyohh
A collection of my favorite Spy items that I also hope will get in-game one day.
cool stuff
Collection by: DarkLord98
team fortresse
Collection by: CoolJameson
Collection by: Kirito
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