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The Circus Pack!
Collection by: SNIPA
The Circus Pack for multiple classes! Jump around, scare some people, shoot some cannonballs, heck, shoot yourself out of a cannon! More items going to be added once submitted. Coming soon also, a circus themed map!
That's So Brilliant
Collection by: Bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
Collection by: Garada0211™
The workshop can be found of the best things together in one place!
cool stuff for havey
Collection by: the trader man
all the cool havey stuff you can think of.
Awesome TF2
Collection by: Professor Hershel Layton
This is the collection of weapons that I believe will really give TF2 players new items to combine with and create strong setups
circus pack
Collection by: LOCK_LOAD
={DISCLAIMER}= i do not own theese, 4 very talented people (2 groups of 2) made theese, i pay them dearest thanks for contributing, and hope that their items make it into the game. all the best, Aidan
my stuff
Collection by: lava2357
Super Strong Weapons
Collection by: NavySealsMaster
I think it should be awesome
The best of the Steam Workshop, Heavy Weapons Guy Edition.
Collection by: TenshusPrimus
The second part of my over all favorite Steam Workshop items, this time its the HEAVY WEAPONS GUY! My favorite class
Team Fortres 2
Collection by: CHAN GOVNA
tf 2
Collection by: HolyXGrail_101
its awesome!
The Biggest Update Ever!
Collection by: Cancell
Workshop items from
Collection by: Animel
TF2 things you know
TF2 /)
Collection by: Deadpool
Collection by: CyAnIx the Angel-wolf
TF2 sparta
Collection by: POLAK_POTRAFI
Cool stuff
Collection by: BlueChilled
The Black Peral
Collection by: Trigger Hurt
It is not intrestinf at all move alonge nothing to see here mosty items for the spy,heavy,pyro, and demo
Collection by: Majestic bubble010101
For tf2 workshop items
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