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The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic
Collection by ZoraKirby
Halloween Pack for the Medic themed around Zombies and a certain character from a game add-on. I would make an image for this collection, but I would only be willing to use source filmmaker for it, which I am only now installing.
Halloweenie 2012 Spooktacular Wishlist
Collection by BLINK
Contains Halloween themed TF2 workshop weapons (hopefully with new unique stats) and cosmetic items that I would love to see Valve include in a Scream Fortress update. Think of this list as my personal "Best Of Collection" for Halloween Workshop items....
Halloween Goodies
Collection by (¥DOE¥) Dr.Miles Prower
Well,Valve just announced that ,and the Halloween update was almost my Fav. update,so im gonna make a Collection only with Halloween Items :) .
✮ Heroic Cosmetics ✮
Collection by ✪ starkƪng098
A collection that revolves around classic-futuristic cosmetics that can depict a comical or heroic theme
Collection by Otakia
scary stuff
The Medic's Inventory
Collection by MisteriosM
A dead Heavy is a useless Heavy. The same is true for all the other classes. This is why a Medic needs to be part of the crew. But with great power comes great responsibility. And inorder to furfill the expectations, to heal all the diffrent injuries he ...
Collection by delafacu
tf2 :3
Collection by superwilson123
Collection by Amatsukaze
of all TF2 suits
Collection by gkuc724
Collection by Dead puppet girl
Collection by daltonsylvester39
Collection by B4RR3TT
Teamfortress 2
The Best Collection
Collection by Will Pown Pancakes
Amazing items, but only in my opinion. No one is ever gonna find this collection ;~;
My TF2 Collection
Collection by doubledragon01
Here is my collection of Team Fortess 2 items, cosmetics, and wepons.
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