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Containing item: "The Mann O' War"
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Pirate Of The Hebridean
Collection by: Dewzie
A set of explosive-based weapons for the Demoman. For those wondering, the Hebridean Islands (Hebrides) are located off the west coast of Scotland.
Return of the DemoMEN
Collection by: Lord Tekron
Let's face it, we all have gone full blown demoknight haven't we? the sound of Demo's victory charge as he instantly kills almost every enemy on sight and is more tougher to kill that an octo-heavy (okay maybe not THAT tough but still). But tell me thi...
The Demopirate
Collection by: The Lord of the Pootis
A collection of great pirate based demoman weapons, hats, and misc items.
tf2 amazing weapons
Collection by: A Naughty, Naughty Boy
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by: Snowy <3
The Biggest Update Ever!
Collection by: Jiffy Lube ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Workshop items from
Collection by: nandujo
Pirate gear and weapons.
TF2 models!!
Collection by: [JPN]iXouk
The History of tf2 workshop
Collection by: Pro commando
Awsome items from the tf2 workshop that i like and i dont know if you will but i do
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