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epic times
Collection by i love crunchy
this collection is the best for you because it has a wild vairaty of weapons for TF2 and there might be a new collection in 2013.
Third Team Fortress world war weapons
Collection by Aly The Mercenary :3
These are a random amount of weapons for every 10 min war in tf2 that you can think of. these weapons will destroy those maggots
TF2 Ion Industries Corporation Colection
Collection by Flynn
TF Modings colections by Wizzergod;Flynn or Dreeder
Pixel's - Valve Should Add This List
Collection by <Washington>
Just some of the items on TF2's Steam Workshop that I think should be added to the game
The Heavy
Collection by Alrego
I find and rate all the new heavy weps,hats,misc that i can find
Natali's Colly <3
Collection by xXx_noscope420skiller_xXx
Team Fortress 2 Workshop Weapons that should be accepted.
Collection by First Ever White President
The very best weapons! Put them in the game Valve!
Heavy goodies pack
Collection by Chris
This is a pack of my favorite heavy weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to heavy
Owl's Favorites
Collection by Prince Owly
Just stuff that I'd like to see ingame.
Team Fortress 2
Collection by Light Yagami
TF2 stuff.
Team Fortress 2 - my favourites
Collection by Dan [greuceanu]
Stuff Miles want to see ingame
Collection by (¥DOE¥) Miles Prower:
This is just some stuff i like and i pray to Mr.Hale that it gets ingame.
Collection by sphinxnoir
Awesome TF2
Collection by Professor Hershel Layton
This is the collection of weapons that I believe will really give TF2 players new items to combine with and create strong setups
TF2 Stuff
Collection by [GLGW]Sneaky Batman91
This Is the stuff I want in TF2 Please Valve let me have one of each
teamfortess 2 and other likes
Collection by FlameMannPyro
It is all stuff i like mostly tf2
Collection by *-)GTR(-* Captain Mr. Nuclear
Collection by Inspector Fangrow
I hope you like what I have selected, I hope at least a few items in my collection would ve selected and be put into the game.
Easy access awesome
Collection by EVNgelion01
i think these are cool, nuff said
Takers Tomb
Collection by The Undertaker
Everything I need to make you die faster.
tf2mods heavy
Collection by jam129
i like guns
Workshop Item Demonstration
Collection by Thewidigamer
All workshop weapon demonstrated by: valve (Kharma Charger):
things that should absolutely be in the game but will never be added because the TF2 team is just so fucking in love with hats
Collection by Min Headroom
these are weapons and taunts that should be added to the game, but never will be because the tf2 team apparently cant be bothered with anything that isnt a hat also all the "certified compatable" items are absolute fucking garbo
my tf2 collections
Collection by aparoid100
i simply take the good creations for tf2 (via steam workshop) and i take a good look at them.
Best TF2 Workshops [Weapons]
Collection by Thewidigamer
All this workshop weapon demonstrated by: Karma Charger:
Collection by XallixBajceps
Collection by SlaughterMelon
bla bla...
Collection by CoordinatedWolfChaos
haydrons collection on his alternative account: your creation will pass in my book if its here.
Collection by thelostminer
if you know the collection coolio your creation would pass in my book by haydron, then call this the same thing cause im haydron. Yes I AM HAYDRON!! back to the topic, your creations are awesome and would pass in my book if they are in this collection. I ...
Collection by superwilson123
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