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Containing item: "The Lethal Injection"
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The Medical Lab Equipment
Collection by: <<GT500>> JZeeba TheMurkyLurker
Following the work of Friedrich Miescher, but unlike the Medic; he can't remove all your DNA ========================================================================= NOTE: The Map in the screenshot is KOTH_DROGENTOTE by '{Benjamoose} The ThunderMoos...
Sarmon's Collection of Best Weapons
Collection by: Sarmon
This is a collection full of the best Weapon-related items I've seen on the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. Most of these are absolutely outstanding. NOTE #1: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE ITEMS. NOTE #2: DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE ITEMS. GO TO THE ITEM ...
1128's Collection
Collection by: Srv
This is my list of liked creations from the community. I found all of these design ideas to be impressive, creative, and worth buying. If Steam were to accept these items, I will sure as heck would buy them.
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by: ChristOnAQuadBike
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
Снабжение для медиков
Collection by: (((:MiXaNFeed:)))
В этой коллекции собранны вещи конкретно для медиков .
Collection by: Fruit Medley
Things for Medic I think should be added.
Collection by: >[E]<Captain Mr.Nuclear Bomb
Collection by: NinjaHinja4427
The KABOOM Collection
Collection by: demoman2.0
i like the demoman but there are other things and other classes that i like so i dedacate the collection to tf2!
Collection by: ZooMee
team 1
Collection by: #G.M.C.O.A(leader)
Favorite workshop items
Collection by: (Reeled) DJ_LUNAR_
This is my opinion of what items really should be added to the game
FoX57 TF2
Collection by: FoX57
Collection by: Engieman
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