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Containing item: "The Caestus of Captain Cthulhu"
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The Call of Captain Cthulhu
Collection by: Dr. Shenanigans
a collection of villanous items for your nefarious deeds, based the man- er monster himself from his namesake mythos by HP lovecraft! a helmet in the shape of the cthlhu himself a massive cape the size of a couch that makes other capes weep in inadequ...
Halloween 2013
Collection by: Floyd
A collection of items for Night of the Living 3/Halloween 2013. Of course more will be added!
Things for Heavy
Collection by: Dark_Assassin | AGC
In my opinion there are not enough items for the Heavy, so i made this collection. You can vote and hopefully they will be added by VALVe to the Game. These things are included in this collection: Weapons , Hats and Miscs.
Workshop: TF2 ITEMS
Collection by: Prof Kitten
This collection is cool. It has selected items from the local Workshop and uses them in a game.
Collection by: Alexblitz9780
little kollektion
Comunity Made Favories
Collection by: Earthwake Runelord
Heavy stuff
Collection by: Half HipsterX
Items for the haevy.
team fortress 2
Collection by: ULTRAMAGMUS2012
Collection by: magicman
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