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The Spyborg
Collection by: Sky
Cyborg helmet and knife combo for the Sky.
Sky's Halloween Goody Bag
Collection by: Sky
Floating pets, pyro heads and all class hats, oh my! And some other stuff. All the halloween items I've contributed and worked on with others for 2013. More items will be added as they're published to the workshop.
Zable's Halloween Heads-up
Collection by: Zable
Compilation of the recent Halloween workshop items that i think are of good enough quality to be considered placement in the actual game... Most of these are due to the recent "Night of the living update" event being held by
Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
Collection by: Garada0211™
The workshop can be found of the best things together in one place!
Spooky Scary Collectibles
Collection by: くみKuri the Creeparka
The best ones I picked and yours to vote all at once. (updated every day)
Spooky Nightmare's Halloween
Collection by: Jason Hawk
This is my favorite workshop items this halloween
my tf2 collections
Collection by: aparoid100
i simply take the good creations for tf2 (via steam workshop) and i take a good look at them.
Kol MrSpoko
Collection by: MrSpoko
Zbieram tu żeczy zobione przez innych urzutkownikuw dzienkuje
the backkiller
Collection by: Jonh Cena
it is awesome
Ben's TF2 Recomened items
Collection by: Ben
FInding some TF2 weapons,hats&mics items
Team Fortress 2 Steamworkshop
Collection by: Zepdes
Mijn verzamiling van de dingen die ik denk zijn goed in Team Fortess 2
Collection by: Section-Falk
Collection by: william.deleon97
Collection by: UnknownGamer
Mods, Textures, Skins, etc.
Collection by: МF-Fоху
Skins Mods Textures Maps :D
Collection by: Backrowjoe
Its for spy class tf2
Collection by: AdrianXXL
cool things to use
Collection by: teleport heavy
the collection is with hats,the pyroland gear,and stuff like that
Collection by: GA | Clyde.
team fortess
Collection by: Tardis Traveling Gamers
tf2 collection
Collection by: ZanyPaper03499
The collection
Collection by: xdevin
its the random findings of the work shop
Collection by: Naturerin
ik vind dit intersant :D
Comunity Made Favories
Collection by: Earthwake Runelord
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