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Containing item: "The 2Fort Knox (closed style)"
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PYROmatics. Co.
Collection by: 눈_eye_눈
Items for Pyro. (I did not make these)
Collection by: Ir0n' // FUCK RUSSIA
Collection by: BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!!
Items I would love to own for Team Fortress 2.
Набор инженера
Collection by: Dr.Hooves
Collectors collection :I (TF2 Style)
Collection by: Smoke Mid Every Day
A collection of collected items collected from the Steam workshop. Did I mention this is a Collectors edition collection? Maybe it isn't... I'm not too sure. But hey! It has some cool stuff! :) Stuff for every class!
TF2 Items
Collection by: Nightmare Lord
Items for gameplay.
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by: Snowy <3
team fortress 2
Collection by: Coubi
team fortress 2
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