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Citizen Charlatan
Collection by Sky
18th-19th century formal wear set for the spy. UPDATE 12/09/2013: Melee weapon (The Stylish Stiletto) added. Secondary Weapon will be added later.
The Fancy and Casual Merc Pack
Collection by peters
I didn't take anytime on that poster A whole Pack full of Team Fortress 2 Models that are fancy, stylish, and cool. Christmas clothing Casual Clothing and Clothes from different time periods. *Only Clothing *No Facial Hair *Might have one to seve...
the blades stock co
Collection by jackblade21
its epic
my Collection
Collection by Fang-546
cool stuff
Collection by jmanturkeyhead
a awesome place to put things.
Набор инженера
Collection by Dr.Whooves
Team Fortress 2
Collection by Hotrod17
Its my collections of team fortress 2 addons
Collection by VectoR_GameR (Sem PC!)
Collectors collection :I (TF2 Style)
Collection by Benji
A collection of collected items collected from the Steam workshop. Did I mention this is a Collectors edition collection? Maybe it isn't... I'm not too sure. But hey! It has some cool stuff! :) Stuff for every class!
tf2 and more
Collection by j51sl227
Items in workshop that i like
Collection by dak1ne @New Sticker
Just all items that i like in the Workshop ;)
Collection by master
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