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Containing item: "The Paynesville Poncho"
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The Bushman Bandit
Collection by: Ertz™
Let Your Enemies Know To Get The Hell Outta Dodge, with this spaghetti-western ensemble. Some items that work together . Proposed Set Bonus: +Special Musical Cue When Respawning, -Tumbleweeds Follow
Mexican's Mexican Collection
Collection by: mexican
A collection by Mexican of things that are Mexican
A Collection of 100 Really Cool Things that Should be Added Right Now [Gold-Star]
Collection by: Nix #happybirthdayemiin
10 items per class. 1 weapon, 9 cosmetics. 5 all-class cosmetic items, 5 other items that don't classify anywhere else such as paints and fixes to existing items. Totals to 100 items. Every single cosmetic item is Gold-Star approved. Weapons and other ite...
Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
Collection by: Garada0211™
The workshop can be found of the best things together in one place!
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by: ChristOnAQuadBike
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
Winter Related Cosmetics
Collection by: ✪ starkƪng098
In this collection you should be able to find most things that would pass for a snowy theme
Collection by: BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!!
Items I would love to own for Team Fortress 2.
Good Stuff
Collection by: .Wuff :/
Valve should definitly add THIS! :D
dovaking01 ' s collection
Collection by: kontraata
cool stuff
Collection by: jmanturkeyhead
a awesome place to put things.
Collection by: pickerhd
just tf2 things
Collection by: [FTW] Monster_Fyre
This Collection Contains Everything To Kick Ass And Look Kick Ass!!!!!
Collection by: Teemothy
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