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The Serious Business Set
Collection by Ruskeydoo
Serious Business Set A three piece for the Heavy Weapons Guy. Suitable for: mobsters, bank managers, henchmen, wall street high fliers, minions of evil geniuses and all individuals of class and distinction. The intention with this set is to create a...
Things that should be in TF2
Collection by Duct Taped Wounds
The things I want in TF2.
Release in the Emporium please!
Collection by Harribo
Items that I'd like to be released as a mod in the Emporium that never has for some reason, i'm happy to recompile the stuff etc if that's what's stopping these from being released. It's kinda a real shame.
Team Fortress 2 Unique Collection
Collection by Garada0211™
The workshop can be found of the best things together in one place!
Collection by Grijalva710
I like it
Collection by Dowgfish
I like it
niran b s
Collection by naomibkk
Item Badaas
Collection by Drk.-MarcoS ''SMURF''
Os item fodas de TF2
Collection by M3ntaL3NT
iKaC set
Collection by iKaC
sve u jedno
Collection by #Unskilled
Diese Kollektion soll die teils langweilige Ausrüstung wie die des Snipers durch eine coole lässige ersetzen.
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