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Atlas' Ultimate Item Collection
Collection by: GablesMcgee
Possibly the largest collection you've ever seen, with almost 200 items and growing! We constantly update, and all we want is the TF2 community to have better weapons to fight with, and new accessories to show off. Why not look through? You're bound to...
Release in the Emporium please!
Collection by: Harribo
Items that I'd like to be released as a mod in the Emporium that never has for some reason, i'm happy to recompile the stuff etc if that's what's stopping these from being released. It's kinda a real shame.
Wimsical Workshop Wonders
Collection by: Chazzy
These are all of the things that Valve SHOULD add to their game.
PYROmatics. Co.
Collection by: 눈_eye_눈
Items for Pyro. (I did not make these)
Things I Want to be Added to TF2
Collection by: WXdestroyer
team fortress 2
Collection by: MURAZOR™
Collection by: jhausen92
TF2 Stuff
my stuff 99999999999
Collection by: roy
ill have lots o stuff in here
Collection by: Casalp
All things pyro
Collection by: PinkePie
tf2 Weapons
Collection by: MrPotatoMuffin
Weapons From TF2
Too good for the game.
Collection by: Superwam64
Basicly a set of items I think should be added. But maybe they are too good?
bag'o crap
Collection by: sharpcyrcle
dis iz wheres I puts my crapz
Collection by: Fruits Blah
team fortress 2 collection
Collection by: Dannydan1208
pyro must haves
Collection by: LoukasArts
all the pyro must haves that need to be in tf2
the blades stock co
Collection by: jackblade21
its epic
iKaC set
Collection by: iKaC
sve u jedno
TEAM fortress 2
Collection by: zack.coombs
addons file
Collection by: Old Bonnie (withered out)
it hold's all addons that i downloaded
TF2 Items that should be published
Collection by: BeardedOctopus
I will be looking through the steam workshop and try to find items that look interesting. And I will say to that item that should be published so I will add it here MAYBE Gaben or valve members will see the items and be all like "Wow these items are getti...
Crash's TF2 Workshop Favorites
Collection by: Crash #TeamStar #Christmas
As the title says. If an item's in here, it's something that should definitely be added to the game.
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