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Robotic Boogaloo 2.0
Collection by: Dr. Pepper
This collection consists of really cool robotized items that i'd like to see in the game. Non of these items were created by me. I will keep the collection updated for as long as the community keeps making robo items.
Random TF2 Items
Collection by: superdudezes
Jus' Some Random TF2 Items For The Game...
the best of the best
Collection by: [§] ๖ۣۜDeath
the items that valve should add the most
TF2 Awsome items that i think are...Awsome....
Collection by: The Mann with the Mustache
This collection is for Awsome items from the workshop only, anyone can send me a example(s) on any TF2 item(s).....
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: (GER)kenny freak_51(K2)
mobile sentry gun ist voll geil!
My Collection
Collection by: ARQCARLOOS
Collection by: SKnifey
my favorite Team Fortress 2 items
Collection by: clara_roque
Collection by: clara_roque
awesome stuff
Collection by: Mistman17
its cool
Collection by: Master Persian Halloween
This collection is only to items or hats robotic Tf2
the collection of AWESOME
Collection by: lamn[i want plague inc evolved]
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: InfinitePuck
tf2 mods
Collection by: [TGK] The Time Doctor
Collection by: FrozenNajad
Je to balíček pro holky a jsou tam různé věci. Tak doufám že se bude líbit.
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