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Containing item: "The EZ Breather"
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Atlas' Ultimate Item Collection
Collection by: GablesMcgee
Possibly the largest collection you've ever seen, with almost 200 items and growing! We constantly update, and all we want is the TF2 community to have better weapons to fight with, and new accessories to show off. Why not look through? You're bound to...
Favorite Items
Collection by: [DFS] Uncle Crusty™
These Items have the Crusty Seal of Approval, therefore, VALVe must add it
Shankys Soldier :3
Collection by: Fishy Snacks O' Gold
All the items i wish were in the game so i could pimp out my soldier with the great items found in the workshop!
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by: ChristOnAQuadBike
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
Collection by: ~GR~ΤΑΝ Η ΕΠΙ ΤΑΣ
ofi gate -4- supergun
en samling
Collection by: Mayor.GHOST123
jeg vil ha en samling fordi det er kult
rexxysexxy's collection
Collection by: rexxysexxy
my collection will be cool cuz it is gona have top rated weapons misc and other
Collection by: The National Security Agency
It gives tf2 a whole new look!!
team fortress 2
Collection by: SWAG ASSASSIN
team fortress 2 items
battle gear
Collection by: i am a ninjawizard
Collection by: Doped Up Damo
Collection by: Inspector Fangrow
I hope you like what I have selected, I hope at least a few items in my collection would ve selected and be put into the game.
collection 1
Collection by: kljaramillo
it is fun
Collection by: {TSI}TheWildMongoose
My collection of what Valve should add to add to TF2. More Hats!
fajne pomysły innych
Collection by: NOH MERCY
Collection by: ianhawk2501
its tf2 what more do u want to know
team Forress 2.1
Collection by: diegosonic66015
Aqui se presenta las mas clasicas megoras de Team fortress 2
Mis coleccion
Collection by: Georgeboy Pony (on vacation GG)
esto son mis cosas del steam
Armamento wasabi
Collection by:
Hmmmm, cosas interesantes que huelen a wasabi
COol items (opinion)
Collection by: Treed101519
This is where I put things I think look really cool. Give me things to add please.
Collection by: Screamin`Eagles
this is mine not yours
Real gun
Collection by: Righty
Collection by: steelymantella9
a few tf2 items
The full on TF2 pro look
Collection by: rafire
it uses the best looks for the best players! note: image glitch for this collection
epic to epic
Collection by: epicgamer123
in epic
TF2 tilllägg
Collection by: PortalFPS
Skilby's TF2 Picks
Collection by: John Smith
I don't own any of these items, but this is a list of what I think is good and worth adding or getting on TF2.
the awesome
Collection by: SadlittleSphinx
cool stuff i like and you can too
Collection by: bf4life4
awsome stuff
My Collection
Collection by: PcSlash
This is my tf2 collection used for collecting things
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