Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Tf2 Wepons and Cosmetics that SHOULD Be in the Game...
Collection by: Arctiic Fox
This is a collection of what i personally think they should add in the game, They will mostly be weps for now and a few Cosmetics cus MAN they have to many hats... >.>
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Nayn [PL]
Tu są przedmioty z Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Mr. Mkay
tf2 mods
spy collection
Collection by: DangerJuice
Tyni's Wanted List
Collection by: [Manta] Vertigo HD
Stuff on the Workshop that I want in my inventory, or in the game, like today. (if you want something added, leave a comment!)
Collection by: Night shadow
Spy Stuffsz
Collection by: Eimbox
sniper pro
Collection by: erlingz
Its a weird picture i know but dont get tricked, because this knife will cut people in pieces(litterarly).I just say one thing.CHOP CHOP.
my tf2 collections
Collection by: aparoid100
i simply take the good creations for tf2 (via steam workshop) and i take a good look at them.
orthodox ninga
Collection by: random cup of joe
Ungentlemanly Gentleman
Collection by: Mobile Sentry
Deadly setup for such a gentleman.
Cool Stuff
Collection by: Sgt Pepper
My collection of stuff.
rexxysexxy's collection
Collection by: rexxysexxy
my collection will be cool cuz it is gona have top rated weapons misc and other
Kokoelma 1
Collection by: Musta Pekka
Collection by: LiuxTailer
collezione tutto
Colección Team Fortress 2 [ESP]
Collection by: OmegaGentlemen™
Aqui hay objetos/cosas del TF2 que sean buenos/as... :D xD
Stuff I need
Collection by: Spectre|787|
Collection by: Inspector Fangrow
I hope you like what I have selected, I hope at least a few items in my collection would ve selected and be put into the game.
tf 2 add ons
Collection by: zombinator001
Collection by: ♫☠{Bacon}☠♫Peace
Collection by: tmlemieux3
Collection by: GunnerPro
it holds your items for you
Collection by: Hiddyho
The Spy´s New Things
Collection by: Vikt0r
Cool weapons, hats and More. The Spy´s new pack of Weapons and suits etc. !
Collection by: dylanohalloran
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: грибной_сталкер
my collection
Valve needs to add these weapons!
Collection by: blueNES
If Valve improves the new import tool and makes weapons compatible, these are the ones that should be added!
Collection by: darklord9999111
tf2 alfa
Collection by: jaxvern2002
wepons and aparol ;D
team Forress 2.1
Collection by: diegosonic66015
Aqui se presenta las mas clasicas megoras de Team fortress 2
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