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Burner's Beachwear
Collection by: Santaman12
Have no doubt that you'll be the hottest one on the beach with these amazing selections! Literally. That rubber suit will probably kill you if it gets any hotter out. Entire collection works with TF2 and is verified! All include full paintability and t...
Meta's Collection of Pyro Gear.
Collection by: | Metaru
Nothing Fancy, stuff i'd particulary want to see in game for the class i play the most.
Release in the Emporium please!
Collection by: Harribo
Items that I'd like to be released as a mod in the Emporium that never has for some reason, i'm happy to recompile the stuff etc if that's what's stopping these from being released. It's kinda a real shame.
Things I Want to be Added to TF2
Collection by: WXdestroyer
TFT Items
Collection by: argrabowski
Items for Team Fortress Two.
Killer-bee's Chaotic Collection
Collection by: Minako-san ミナコさん
I dont know man it's just gonna be a cool collection
TF2 Workshop Favs
Collection by: max
My TF2 Workshop Favorite items.
Collection by: MitjelBowie
yolo ya knaw
team fortress 2
Collection by: Coubi
team fortress 2
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