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Favorite Items
Collection by Uncle Crusty™
These Items have the Crusty Seal of Approval, therefore, VALVe must add it
Atlas812's TF2 Halloween Collection
Collection by GablesMcgee
These are some awesome Halloween items! It would be nice if you favorite this collection so these items could appear in game! =D
Team Fortress 2
Collection by Darksidehero
just cool stuff
cool stuff
Collection by MRFALLINGTNT
a place were all my stuff from the steam workshop will come from
Collection by Nais.
пока ещё незнаю
Collection by Master Persian Halloween
This collection is only to items or hats robotic Tf2
TF2 stuff
Collection by DevanDumbStuff
TF2 stuff....
Collection by Knight Of The Obsidian Sword
Team Fortress 2 user created items that I find to be creative...
tf2 items
Collection by Goliath
Nolan's Stash
Collection by detellemo
вещички из Valve
Collection by =[ O.W.N ]= Elliot
blackrainbow124's collection
Collection by blackrainbow124
tf2 skins
Collection by _Scott_Dark_
я собираю skins tf2
stuff that valve HAS to make an item into
Collection by Smithy The Blacksmith
these items i believe should be made into real items wearable/usable in tf2
Collection by Majestic bubble010101
For tf2 workshop items
Adam's Favourite workshop items! (2014-2015)
Collection by Adam ET
Here are Adamfantast's favourite TF2 workshop items for 2014 (starting October 30th) and 2015! most of theese items (if not all) are made by other people, but whatever.
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