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Containing item: "Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey"
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stuff collection
Collection by kubo2511
poisonus cheese sandwich
Collection by james_ryder
a collectoin of stuff to turn you into a poisonus cheese sandwich.
Food related items
Collection by Shrek
Any items that relate to food, eating, or that just make you hungry.
Meatchan's Collection
Collection by Relaxed Chicken
Hi Guys, This is my personal choice collection! Mostly food related, meats, drinks, booze and substances. I got the munchies man...
Collection by BagMvision [ITA]
hatz and weponz
Collection by chwall7
all stuff i like including jetpacks
LazerBolt75's Collection Of Eccentric Oddities
Collection by A Grape-Scented Marker
Hi! My name is LazerBolt75! I am a steam fan and an amateur item collector! I collect all sorts of items throught the steam workshop. If you have anything that might interest me, by all means, let me know! I collect a range of things form hats, to swords ...
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