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soldier weapons
Collection by: gunman8401
its soldier weapons its not to interesting
Collection by: Atom Noizyboy
it will be a all new gear for the spy. the knife will shoot.
Soldier goodies pack
Collection by: Chris
This is a pack of my favorite soldier weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to soldier
Collection by: Chris Motionless
Collection by: Duchess Alexandra I
Stuff I Think Is Cool
Collection by: ...........................
Aidan's collection
Collection by: The Dust Bowl Deli
Collection by: Twilight Sparckle must die
Collection by: RekGamerPro
cool weapons
Collection by: jerk2002
Collection by: gunguru357
My new Collection is all of the cool/weird things TF2 has to offer
The Dream Soilder
Collection by: Frappie
my dream soilder collecton
Collection by: Majestic Co-Sub-Cpt bubble010101
For tf2 workshop items
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