Team Fortress 2
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Containing item: "Molecular Monocle"
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The Sophisticated Scientist Pack
Collection by: Ion the M .ep
The Sophisticated Scientist is a collection of the finest Hat, monocle and assorted weapons combo any engineer with an over active desire for war wants to have on his head/shoot with his hands/use as a bottle opener. The pack consists of 5 items: (Hat...
Collection by: trishkirby69
its wat i think is good
Pain jr´s samling
Collection by: [SAINT] Pain jr.
My Treasure
Collection by: Im_Not_You
Awesome ShizzleWizzle
Collection by: Sir Sphincter the Anal Invader
All kinds of awesome stuff
Hats for tf2
Collection by: Vince #HRT
this is just for different hats and other objects for team fortress 2
Awesome Stuff That I Want (ASTIW)
Collection by: InsanityCat
This is what I really would love to have in TF2.
Collection by: BLACK_JESUS
Collection by: No oNe
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