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The Savannah Sniper Set
Collection by Chemical Alia
A collection of trophies the Sniper has earned during his travels.
Hand Picked Sniper Goods
Collection by bazsowicz
Snipers classic Beef
Collection by fitzgerald
Allerlei und keinerlei sachen für den Sniper
Owl's Favorites
Collection by Prince Owly
Just stuff that I'd like to see ingame.
Best Sniper Cosmetic Items Ever
Collection by janebakedbads
This is just my personal opinion, you do not have to agree. These are just some items I saw in the Workshop that I love and think should be used together in TF2.
Dark Mann C.O
Collection by Vitor Sweet
armored kill
Collection by Tuco Eragouillo El Cabrón
armored kill
My Collection
Collection by ARQCARLOOS
Collection by (Keks) von Krümel
ich binn immer mitten im geschen warum , kein arnung
Sniperz Setz
Collection by Ender Saurus
This is a collection of a Sniper's Dream ENJOY!!!
Workshop Items
Collection by Irriducibili
TF2 Gear
Collection by eamdell
No idea lol
Collection by NumeroPhoenixz
Cool for people that like snipin'.
Collection by RekGamerPro
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by Snowy <3
team fortress 2 stuff
Collection by The MLG Man
team fortress 2 stuff
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