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Containing item: "Steady Shot"
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The Heavy Industry Pack
Collection by: Wrench N Rockets
After time off in the country it's back to work for the Engy, and he's bringing some new tools. More new tools coming!
Sarmon's Collection of Best Weapons
Collection by: Sarmon
This is a collection full of the best Weapon-related items I've seen on the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. Most of these are absolutely outstanding. NOTE #1: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE ITEMS. NOTE #2: DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE ITEMS. GO TO THE ITEM ...
Broosevelt's Bully Favorites Collection
Collection by: Theodore Broosevelt!
While a lot of these items are fairly current, many of these are excellent hats, miscs, and weapons just sitting in the back pages of the workshop collecting dust because Valve passed on them. This is a list of items, mainly from my favorites, that were ...
La coleccion del año
Collection by: <[Hunter]of [Rata guy]>
uber enginnner
Collection by: ricky1235
that set make from enginner a attack class stats of weapons: steady shot: +20% damage -10% reolad speed mobile sentry gun: +60% movement speed (for sentry) the tack driver: +20% fire speed -5% ...
Collection by: [THEHAXs] the soup can
PYROmatics. Co.
Collection by: ∃Y≡YE
Items for Pyro. (I did not make these)
Collection by: [Slag]♫Spyception♫™
An Engineer's Essntials in Cosmetics,Tools, and Weaponry
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Collection by: ChristOnAQuadBike
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
Collection by: WickedTheBandit
Team Fortress 2 Guns
Collection by: ryanbb112899
Collection by: OtavioGamer
armas boas do tf2
random crap
Collection by: Space Captain Carlos
Collection by: PascalStylZ #Diarrhö
Mark's S.W.A.T weaponary
Collection by: §|Marcus|§
all of the coolest weapons for me :)
TF2 items
Collection by: KissMyAss.and.SuckMyDick.evry1.
Team fortress items for now
The Best Addons
Collection by: Borden the Killjoy
Things I find amusing.
the tactical shotgun
Collection by: kleinvir
Collection by: Luckarmoren (WUB A DUB MTHFCKR)
rkfccyst ifgrb
Collection by: DeckHDGamer
TF2 /)
Collection by: DeadPool
the shit
Collection by: Master Walrus
Collection by: Lhuss
Collection by: Herobrine2585
Collection by: ibongoliat
Collection by: romai130 [FR]
Tout les objet workshop team fortress 2
Collection by: mattw
My collection is for my classes to help me out in-game.
collection toto
Collection by: BlacKDoom
ma collection
Workshop Items
Collection by: Billy
The Best Ever Stuff
Collection by: Legit you Legitament git
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