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Sarmon's Collection of Best Weapons
Collection by: Sarmon
This is a collection full of the best Weapon-related items I've seen on the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. Most of these are absolutely outstanding. NOTE #1: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE ITEMS. NOTE #2: DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE ITEMS. GO TO THE ITEM ...
Engineer goodies pack
Collection by: Chris
This is a pack of my favorite engineer weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to engineer
Pistols Pack II
Collection by: Chris
Many of you know the first collection named "Pistol Pack". I really liked the idea but there weere only 2 pistols so I decided to make another collection with great pistols.
random crap
Collection by: Fati Sweg Miester
Collection by: PascalStylZ
Collection by: trishkirby69
its wat i think is good
Collection by: Inferno-Wrath
Comunity Made Favories
Collection by: Earthwake Runelord
Collection by: romai130 [FR]
Tout les objet workshop team fortress 2
Collection by: mattw
My collection is for my classes to help me out in-game.
Workshop Items
Collection by: Billy
Favourite TF2 Items
Collection by: Shifter55
Collection by: woog
for tf2
Collection by: wizardriper
Collection by: RedFag
ja mooi
Cool TF2 Stuff
Collection by: Dr_W0rm
This is just a folder of all the awesome stuff I could find for TF2.
Engineer stuff
Collection by: Meepingkittehz
some stuff for engineer that i think looks cool.i didnt make any of them
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