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Containing item: "Ballers Backpack"
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The Best Items Scout Edition
Collection by: Tenshi Prime
This is just a little collection solely made for showing the best of the scout items on the steam work shop. Hope you all enjoy some of the stuff that the scout has for himself!
A Collection of 100 Really Cool Things that Should be Added Right Now [Gold-Star]
Collection by: camper
10 items per class. 1 weapon, 9 cosmetics. 5 all-class cosmetic items, 5 other items that don't classify anywhere else such as paints and fixes to existing items. Totals to 100 items. Every single cosmetic item is Gold-Star approved. Weapons and other ite...
TF2 Items Awesome
Collection by: YahooYann
My Personal Favorite Items id love to see added to the game
That's So Brilliant
Collection by: Bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
All Stuff The Stuff I Think That Should Be Added To TF2
Collection by: Toreal
All Stuff I Like And That Should Be Added TF2
Scouts Selection
Collection by: Dalton Spin
A collection of Items that I see are a must add for our favorite Bostonian Batter... the Scout.
Collection by: FaxiGamer
jeg samler på ting til mine spil!! :D
I like it
Collection by: DowgFish
I like it
Collection by: MAWILE'S DAY OFF
Scout ones ^_^
Collection by: =TaP= karies
Best Items For Scouts :))
мои предметы из мастерской
Collection by: scp-106
я просто собираю шапки на скаута из мастерской стима и ничего в этом интересного нет
scout´s guns
Collection by: THE ANGER|PT
My colection is all about itens that are HASOME for scout
TF2 Workshop items
Collection by: QueSackTwoSack
It's a file that stores all items downloaded form the steam worksop and only the steam workship
Collection by: GreedyDirector
Hold cool stuff
My Weapons
Collection by: Joao O Humano
Collection by: ღLuiLuiღ
Tf2 items that should be added for scout within tf2.
The Chippo Update
Collection by: Ras H-2K59
Just my little fantasy of an update and what I think is exceptional for addition. A fucking big list here so take a look!
Collection by: Charles Oesaurus
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by: Snowy <3
My Collection
Collection by: Tumid (bday in 4 days)
goofy weapons and clothes
Collection by: LukeMoonWalker
I want to make my collecton a interesting kind because i want to add all kinds of cultures,costumes into.
Collection by: Mustache_Pants55
stuff for scout and tf2
Collection by: Boker Dewitt
Guns for team fortress
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