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Blistering Heat
Collection by Svdl
Why settle for just ordinary burns when you can cause both them AND chemical burns... at the exact same time!
Brilliant Designs
Collection by BADGERPIG
Item designs that are in some way a stroke of genius. Clever use of animations, well thought out functionalities or perhaps its just so well crafted that I consider it brilliant.
Pyro items
Collection by Kinetic
These item pack it only for the pyro so yeah c: NO OTHER CONTENT WANTED Execpt for Pyro content which will often be used in my game :D
That's So Brilliant
Collection by bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
the noob colletction
Collection by Thunder MD.
well I am very new to all of this so you know what I really dont know what I am doing....oh well, gonna be a try hard haha
Awesome Ideas for Team Fortress 2
Collection by Fibblestax
Awesome ideas for TF2 P.S. If your idea is in this collection, send me money. :3
Collection by Uynn
Weaponry for all occasions.
Collection by Professor Why
An asortment of weapons and collections to suit your everyday needs.
Epic Collection of Epic Items (Pyro)
Collection by Miker the Epic
Epic Items that should be in the game (my opinion if you agree or disagree say so!)
Vanilla style with chocolate
Collection by A trained chimpanzee
When it comes to the artstyle and setting of Team Fortress 2, I am very conservative. I find the stylized 60s theme of vanilla TF2 unique and appealing, and I wish Valve hadn't abandoned it as haphazardly as they did. I'm not against the idea of adding ne...
kenji ™ Team Fortress 2
Collection by lkenji➪➏➒™¬◄☢razer
EeBr.TeaM™ | Clan CSS. ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ... EeBr.TeaM™ | Clan NoSteam - Website:
my favorites of tf2
Collection by [pyr0z] <-- Leader
.................................................................... FAVORITES ......................................................................
Zimmer Samling 11
Collection by Zimmer11dk (Zpace Mag)
Samling med gode ting.
Pere Fortress 2
Collection by suarezalba
Mods variados
Tf2 diseins
Collection by SmOKerdeathring
schönne eidung und waffen gehören nunmall zu tf2 also
Collection by MieZ Syntax
Back to the future
Collection by A Potato Chip and Bag
Lets go travel in time all the way to the future, where all of what the things are going to be like tommorow(or sooner or later). This pack is filled with laser guns and all hihg tech devices.
Collection by Pro100 Man /S/
супер страшная
Team fortress stuff
Collection by delrof5897
Cool Stuff for tf2...
cool stuff i found
Collection by Swaggistare
cool stuff i found
tf2 PACK
Collection by Gunthor
TF2 Workshop items
Collection by Ω Mantaps Ω
Collection by Wabacha
stuff i like
Collection by (Keks) von Krümel
ich binn immer mitten im geschen warum , kein arnung
The Good Stuff
Collection by ♌Troop98♌
What I Think Should Be Added In
Collection by Kei Kitano
Collection by CakeHat
The Black Peral
Collection by Trigger Hurt
It is not intrestinf at all move alonge nothing to see here mosty items for the spy,heavy,pyro, and demo
austin's items
Collection by tajbryant
you have a new item :D
The best items on the tf2 workshop
Collection by Neil McCauley
The workshop has been very useful over the years. It has helped contribute towards the growth of team fortress 2's content. The series has grown quite a bit since the original mod for quake in 1996: quake team fortress, and team fortress 2 has given a new...
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