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Blistering Heat
Collection by: Svdl
Why settle for just ordinary burns when you can cause both them AND chemical burns... at the exact same time!
Awesome Ideas for Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Fibblestax
Awesome ideas for TF2 P.S. If your idea is in this collection, send me money. :3
Creepy Pyro Work Shop Miscs
Collection by: Doad
Collection by: LordGalyen
My Stuff
Collection by: Pastor Stewart
The stuff I like :)
Collection by: nardocreeper
my things for pyro
Collection by: ins_pe_tor
Gasmasks (and heads)
Collection by: =<(VoDkA)>=Floyd
The gasmasks (and some ehads that incorporate gasmasks) in the Steam Workshop are mind numbingly amazing. Now you may view them all (at once probably too) in all it's harmful toxin filtering glory! And heads too.
my fav weapons
Collection by: khess63
just my fav wepons
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