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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
Containing item: "Sir William's Stampede"
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The retired hunter tools
Collection by: nano393
Charles Darling finally meet the mercenaries. What will happen next?
Sarmon's Collection of Best Weapons
Collection by: Sarmon
This is a collection full of the best Weapon-related items I've seen on the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. Most of these are absolutely outstanding. NOTE #1: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE ITEMS. NOTE #2: DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE ITEMS. GO TO THE ITEM ...
Sir Killer
Collection by: SkyRame
Minigun pou le heavy menacant.
Hand Picked Sniper Goods
Collection by: bazsowicz
Another Damn Collection
Collection by: Highsman13
It is a collection.
TF2 Items Awesome
Collection by: SpookyYann #sick
My Personal Favorite Items id love to see added to the game
Well Nice sniper Guns and Stuff ......MATE!!!!
Collection by: emilthehunter
Well this are guns and stuff that i found in The work shop for The great SNIPER ....Hell yea... If you wanna have a Kill Job For Tf2 and get for it free items than Join The T.P.C. and read the ruels
Owl's Favorites
Collection by: Prince
Just stuff that I'd like to see ingame.
Awesome TF2
Collection by: Professor Hershel Layton
This is the collection of weapons that I believe will really give TF2 players new items to combine with and create strong setups
mens use
Collection by: GTV
it rocks
intens epicos
Collection by: Gandalf OTDN
e uma coleçao de itens epicamente epicos
Collection by: <.SyntaX.> | PHP <3
Collection by: Warlock
Collection by: WaTiCoNTeia
Collection by: BLADE FIRESTAR
stuff that valve HAS to make an item into
Collection by: Smithy The Blacksmith
these items i believe should be made into real items wearable/usable in tf2
Collection by: mbenitez14
Collection by: uullrik
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by: Snowy <3
Collection by: allthegoodnamesaregone
The Penny Needle
Collection by: Fadas Mazzic
Red blood is tiring to watch. Now I can see blue green and black blood! - Spy
Collection by: Mr.Fear
супер страшная
Private. Jackson Special
Collection by: Pansy-Tongued Vegetable King
Private. Jackson Special... Marksman sniper from the blockbuster "Saving Private Ryan"
Collection by: Alpha
Collection by: hawkshot
Sniper of my dreams
Collection by: Hudson
Sniper's hats miscs and weps!
My Collection
Collection by: Kjetil
Collection by: space4299
Engi Scout Heavy Demo Med Snipe Sold
Collection by: DOSH!!!
cool stuff i found
Collection by: Swaggistare
cool stuff i found
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